The Playboy Rabbitars are a lagomorphic-themed civilization of 11,953 unique, non-fungible rabbits inspired by Playboy iconography, heritage and lore. In the context of the metaverse, the Rabbitars are NFTs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Each Rabbitar is generated from 175+ traits including fur, ears, facial expressions, apparel, accessories, occupation-related characteristics, and more. Some of the rarest Rabbitar traits are inspired by culturally significant aspects of Playboy’s art and editorial history. (And yes, you can tell your friends you officially belong to a Playboy Club!)
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Meet the Rabbitars
There are many worlds within the metaverse. In this one, known to its inhabitants as Leveretia, a rare species of rabbit known as the Rabbitars are predominant because of their extraordinary speed, cunning, cultural sophistication, razor-sharp wit, and in some cases, sexual prowess.
Legend of Leveretia
October 2021
Rabbitars Rise!

The Lapines have broken through the Rabbit Hole and the Rabbitar community is now activated. Hop to it and LFG!

Fall 2021
The Lapines Convene

The Société des Lapines assembles a multi-day Convocation of key Rabbitar stakeholders to discuss the future of the community. The very fate of the Warren will depend on the decisions made during this gathering! (While this is not something to be taken lightly, it is justifiably worth considering over a few ceremonious sips of tequila in the corner of Leveretia known as “The Big Apple.”)

Fall 2021
An Artifact Guides the Way

The Lapines return to the Warren to share news from the Convocation, which includes a consensus that the Rabbitar community no longer need to be afraid of what exists on the other side of the Rabbit Hole. As a symbol of their investment in the dynamic new world they now realize they can build above ground, the Lapine, empowered by the support of the Convocation, decide that the artifact they discovered above ground should be shared by each member of the Warren.

Winter 2021
A Changing of Seasons

Unlike the consistently temperate Warren, the world beyond the Rabbit Hole has seasons that, strangely, change. In order to protect themselves from these unfamiliar elements, the Rabbitars will need the proper sartorial accoutrements.

Winter 2021
An Annual Tradition

Around this time every year, the Rabbitars typically celebrate the 5.3 Days of Leveretia. However, since the Rabbitars will be spending the holidays away from home for the first time, the Lapine shares a special gift to remind the community of the world they came from, as well as the new one they will build together.

2022 and Beyond
Choose Your Own Adventure

Stay tuned for The Journey Ahead, Part II: Welcome to the MetaMansion.


The first step is to set up a MetaMask wallet, if, of course, you don’t already have one! Here’s a helpful instructional video, and if you have any questions, please hop into our Discord server and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process. As you’ll learn below, we’ve created a system to allow for Rabbitar sales via both ETH and Fiat—however, a MetaMask wallet is required for ALL collectors.

Once you’ve set up your MetaMask wallet, connect your wallet to this site. You can find the “Connect” button in the top right corner.

The next key thing to know is that we’ll be releasing Rabbitars in three phases across 4 days. Make sure to save these very important dates!


GM! We’re so excited to introduce ourselves. We’re the Société des Lapines—your dedicated guides to the world of Leveretia.

We’re Jamal Dauda (@djkidlightning), Liz Suman (@elizabethsuman), Jen Stein and Benji Kim (@benbenkimkim)—otherwise known as the Playboy Web3 team. Now that we’re on the verge of starting this journey together, we want you to know who is behind the Rabbitars and what we’re all about. More on us below in the FAQ!

This project is larger than any one individual. We’ve built the Rabbitar world in collaboration with some amazing teams: our creative partners at Possible, our technology partners at WENEW, and everyone at Playboy.


The Playboy Rabbitars are hosted on the InterPlanetary File System, better known as IPFS—the metaverse’s decentralized file storage system.

Smart Contract

Whether you’ve been collecting NFTs since the CryptoKitties days or this is your first acquisition in the metaverse, we want to provide aspiring Rabbitar hodlrs with clear, fair, and transparent opportunities to join our burgeoning community. We’re hoping to avoid as many barriers to entry as possible by using the following strategy: 1) Whitelist/pre-sale opportunities provide distributed windows of purchase so that no one moment is overly congested or risks massive spikes in gas. (We can’t control what you degens do across the rest of the chain on those sales days, but we at least want to do our part.) 2) A purchase mechanism that provides transparency around the number of available Rabbitars for purchase and ensures you’ll only spend funds when you get your Rabbitar! (If you don’t get a Rabbitar, you won't be on the hook for the cost of any failed transactions) 3) The option to purchase via fiat will hopefully onboard some crypto newbies and allow other collectors to stress less about freeing up ETH liquidity from existing holdings or waiting for cash-to-ETH exchange to clear certain financial limitations or third-party wait times.

It’s important to us for participation in the Rabbitar community to be as straightforward and equitable as possible while also solving some of the logistical issues we’ve identified across similar drops. With help from the mechanisms laid out in the previous section, we’re hopeful that the process of acquiring Rabbitars will be smooth and verifiably fair. Note: *Rabbitars #1-53 will be withheld from the primary sale for future roadmap activations, special projects, and community giveaways.

When Playboy’s founding art director Arthur Paul whipped up a sketch of a bow-tied rabbit in less than an hour back in the early 1950s, he had no idea that the playful, sophisticated logo would become one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Suffice it to say, it probably also didn’t cross Paul’s mind that the Playboy Rabbit Head would eventually help inspire the visual identity of a collection of non-fungible rabbit characters available for purchase on the Ethereum blockchain. Paul’s creation kicked off the brand’s long history in groundbreaking contemporary art, art direction and graphic design (you can dive deeper into Playboy’s art history here). And so, when it came to visualizing the Rabbitar world, our goal was to pay homage to this storied legacy while harnessing the spirit of innovation upon which it was built, to create something entirely new for the NFT community. We’re big proponents of the visual and cultural impact that can come with blending sophistication and accessibility, and the visual ecosystem of the Rabbitars is no different. While some of the rarest Rabbitar traits are inspired by culturally significant aspects of Playboy’s art and editorial history, nods to Playboy’s heritage and iconography are woven throughout the Rabbitar collection so that every hare-holder can hodl a piece of the Playboy brand in their Metamask wallet. To that end, you’ll find Rabbitars dressed in popular existing Playboy apparel and accessories such as Bunny Ears, Rabbit Head hoodies and our signature Playmate Necklace, in addition to new creations made exclusively for the Rabbitar community. Examples of slightly more obscure homages include Butterfly Kiss, a mouth trait that pays tribute to our Spring 2019 cover, which pays tribute to our April 1976 cover, which pays tribute to a 1968 letter written by Vladimir Nabokov (And you thought Bunny Ears on a Rabbitar was meta!). The color stories that appear throughout the collection are actual stories: Barbi Blue is inspired by Playmate and Playboy Records star Barbi Benton. PMOY Pink pays homage to the proprietary shade of the car that was historically gifted to each Playmate of the Year. Midsummer Night’s Green is a nod to our legendary Shakespeare-themed soirée. Other nods to some of the brand’s most iconic female subjects and contributors show up in the form of Darine Stern’s iconic October 1971 cover, and a 1 of 1 Rabbitar inspired by Lenna Sjööblom, also known as the First Lady of the Internet. Elsewhere in the Rabbitar crayon box, you’ll find rare furs and backgrounds inspired by signature Playboy motifs such as body paint, Day Glo, hidden Rabbit Heads inspired by the concealed hares that appear on most Playboy covers, and even the signature white coat of Mr. Playboy, the brand’s original 3-D character created by Beatrice Paul. Other traits reimagine the work of some of our most important artist contributors, such as imagery inspired by Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and LeRoy Neiman. While there are countless other Easter eggs to discover throughout the world of Leveretia, we firmly believe one of the greatest joys of NFTs—and the metaverse at large—is the opportunity to unlock these kinds of visual puzzles, to unearth the stories that inspired them, and to let the community define what rarity means to them. Happy hunting!

Owning a Rabbitar and joining us in Leveretia means you are one of the earliest pioneers of Playboy’s journey into the world of Web3. At its simplest, you can think of each Rabbitar as a key that unlocks membership to all the possibilities of Playboy on the blockchain: exclusive access to Playboy art and artist collaborations, IRL and metaverse events and experiences, physical and virtual fashion, and so many more things we will innovate and discover together.

There is a small village behind the scenes helping to get the word out and truly build this community together, but for those who are curious, there are living, breathing humans working tirelessly to bring a fun and engaging experience throughout the Rabbitar journey. Jamal Dauda, (VP, Web3 Innovation) Jamal is a former music marketer who is forever looking for a new story to tell. He is also a gummy candy obsessive, has dressed up as a dinosaur on more than one occasion, and believes that Jurassic Park is the perfect film. “Most days, I’m Bored Ape #6869; others, I feel much more like Obits #2010.” Liz Suman (VP, Art Curation and Editorial) Liz is a journalist and curator who served as Playboy magazine’s arts editor and first female co-executive editor. Today, she is the brand’s head of art curation and editorial. Liz’s Ape #5305 is a frontrunner for PlaymApe of the Year, according to multiple anonymous sources. Incidentally, her childhood best friend was a stuffed rabbit named Radar. Jen Stein (Head of Community) As heard on Clubhouse, Jen is a decentralization maxi, a wannabe dev, and an art collector who is too emotionally attached to her jpegs* to be a proper deJen. “Find me down the Rabbit Hole.” Ben “Benji” Kim (EVP and GM, Blockchain and Crypto Team) Benji has been working in the metaverse for most of his adult life without ever realizing it. He began his career investing in entertainment and technology at Rizvi Traverse, then importing Korean dramas and anime at Hulu, and most recently, helping develop VR games and business strategies at Survios. “I look forward to the day when smart contracts will dress and feed my children autonomously.” And last, but certainly not least, our incredibly supportive leaders and colleagues at Playboy. To Ben K., Rachel, Lance, Chris R., Jenny S., Florus, Sid, Jason, Aurele, Reese, Lynx, Katrina, Erica, Marc, Nathan, Helen, Andie, Zach, Anna, Lori, Fiona, Christie, Chris Z., Jenny M., Louis, Kevin, AJ, Tori…THANK YOU. We are a company dedicated to building the future of Playboy in Web3 and this is just the beginning.

We began our NFT journey in the Spring of 2021 as collectors and quickly learned what it feels like to become an NFT owner. (“Thrilling” is the answer.) With a library of content as immense as ours, we knew we could have lots of fun in the world of digital art and collectibles. But where to begin? As a brand with a legacy of serving as a platform for revolutionary creative voices, the answer was obvious: create work with some of the great digital artists of today. We’re enormously proud of our collaborations with artists including Slimesunday, Shantell Martin, Ayla El-Moussa, Jon Noorlander, MBSJQ and REK0DE (Check them out on Nifty Gateway, OpenSea and SuperRare). We’re also thrilled to have met Tim Kang early in our journey (thank you Slimesunday for the intro!). With Tim and the Sevens Foundation, we recently launched our first of four NFT grant exhibits to support up-and-coming digital artists. And, of course, we’ve had a blast celebrating all of our releases thus far with the community at our virtual art gallery openings in Decentraland (shout out to the Decentraland team for their ongoing support). It’s been a wild and fulfilling journey so far, but it's only the beginning. We strongly believe that distributed ledger technology is transforming how fans and consumers interact with brands today. We’re committed to moving out of the era of merely acquiring followers and into an era of building thoughtful communities where each member has a voice. Our goal is to deliver true utility, opportunities for ownership, and real ongoing value. Our Rabbitar community is the start of true blockchain-based membership for Playboy. Just as Playboy Club keys gave millions of members a chance to step into the sophisticated lifestyle that the Playboy brand represents, NFTs today can do the same and so much more. While Web3 will undoubtedly enhance communal experience, it is important to also note that it was born from a philosophy that champions freedom—freedom of expression and freedom from centralized institutions. That is a philosophy that Playboy has fought for since 1953. Our long-standing core values, our global brand recognition, our massive archive, our ever-expanding IP, our strong relationships with artists and innovators, and our current lifestyle offerings all put us in a unique position to be early leaders in this brave new world.

In addition to provenance, Rabbitar owners will be granted “Derabbitive Rights,” providing a personal and limited commercial license (only as prescribed within the “Permissible Work” section of the Terms of Use) to select Rabbitar imagery. Authenticated owners will be able to access PNGs related to the aggregate Rabbitar Collection in our Discord and create, mint, and monetize new derivative works. The only excluded items will be any items that may include or integrate any Playboy intellectual property (such as the Playboy name and Rabbit Head Design) that are graphically represented in some Rabbitars, which are reserved and excluded from any rights granted by Playboy to the Rabbitar owner community. Please check out our Terms of Use for full terms and conditions relating to Permissible Work.

Visithereto learn more about Playboy NFTs (and NFTs in general)